A Father’s Tribute to Jordan Winkler
A son, brother, friend, Christian, and a Proud US Marine.
This site is dedicated the the memory of Lance Corporal Jordan Winkler.  
Who was Jordan Winkler?
Jordan Dale Winkler was born April 5, 1985 in Houston, Texas.  He attended Cimarron Elementary and Faith West Academy in Katy, Texas prior to moving to Tulsa in 1997.  He attended Union Public Schools from sixth grade until his graduation in 2003 where  he played football, rugby and wrestled.  
Jordan wanted nothing more than to join the Marine Corps and did so in April 2003 through their delayed entry program.  He left for boot camp in August, 2003.  When he deployed to Iraq in September, 2004, he had qualified as an Expert marksman twice, and had completed training in
Motor Transport receiving the title of Dragonmaster.  He served with the Combat Service Support Battalion 1, Combat Service Support Group – 11, First Force Service Support Group.  Where he served as gunner or driver on a regular basis.  He was promoted to Lance Corporal in October. 
Jordan Loved his Lord, his family, and the Marine Corps.  His death would be beyond comprehension, without our knowledge of his salvation through Jesus Christ, our faith in a holy and awesome God, and the prayers of his friends and family.
 We have heard from so many people about how Jordan effected their lives in many different ways and how he was a hero to them before he lost his life in Iraq.  I wish to thank everyone for their thoughts, prayers, and support.  I hope the following pages will give you a glimps of who Jordan was and what he meant to those who knew him. 
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